The following are some comments and testimonies made by members of the Third Order.

"Like many people at one time or other, I began wondering where my life was going and I came across an article about the Carmelite Third Order. The local priest put me in touch, and I went along to the monthly meeting. Those present made me feel welcome and were very helpful. I was really impressed. I never want to miss a meeting, and I have learned to include prayer into my day and to be aware of the presence of God in my family and ordinary life. Now I have direction in my life and that makes me very satisfied; and I have a new group of friends. I’m glad I attend the Carmelite Third Order."

"I went to school in the Carmelite College Moate and I remember back then thinking that God was calling me to be a priest, I entered the Carmelite Novitiate in Kinsale in 1980, and spent a very happy 4 months there. But I remember thinking that I was too young for this and what did I know about life. So I decided to take a break and explained to all my fellow novices and novice master that I would be back!
I suppose I have always felt that God is calling me to do something, and frequently ask Him "What is it that You want me to do for You?" While searching on-line about information regarding Permanent Deacons, I had the idea (though looking back now I would say the Holy Spirit was at work) of checking the Carmelite website to see if they had Permanent Deacons and that's when I found the information about the Third Order.
I joined the Carmelite Third Order in 2012 and now I feel I have come back and am at home. I still ask God what it is He wants me to do and I'm still not sure, but I feel now He has me pointing in the right direction."


"The call of Carmel is hard to describe, but I find it helps me with me life. It’s now part of my life, and although I struggle everyday, I do try to live a life of Carmel in my own life."